September 10, 2007

Hitch hits QE2 - But voyage to North still on schedule

This from the Sunday Sun:

"LUXURY ocean liner the QE2 will still arrive in the North as planned next weekend . . . despite breaking down yesterday.

The ship was last night being repaired after suffering a mechanical fault off Croatia during a Mediterranean cruise.

Shipping firm Cunard said there were about 1750 passengers on board the liner, which is currently moored off Dubrovnik.

The 70,000-tonne vessel — which left Southampton last Friday — had been due to set sail from the Adriatic port on Friday evening before making its way down to Trieste.

It is due to sail through the mouth of the Tyne for the first time for two days from September 16, the ship’s only overnight stay during her 40th anniversary voyage around the UK, before making her permanent home in Dubai in 2009."

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