April 17, 2009




The thing with doing the crossing, which is part of the point and why for years the Cunard slogan used to about  “getting there is the fun”, is that there is not a lot to report, as the days are relaxing, paced and so relaxing. Well, that is how we play it.


I do not know why,  but when on a crossing we sleep like you can only dream about. WE easily sleep for anything from 9 to 11 hours without even trying. I assume it is a mixture of the sea air, the gentle rocking of the ship, the comfortable beds and the quiet and darkness. It may also be a sign of being relaxed, and so there is little for the brain to be working away on overnight. It really is amazing just how deep and much one sleeps.


AS we are doing the Eastward crossing from New York to Southampton, every night for 5 of the 6 nights you have to advance your clock by 1 hour so that by time we get to the UK we are on the right time, This means you have 23 hour days. The great thing about coming the other way is you get 25 hour days – so longer to relax and sleep!


Today (on the 2nd full day of the crossing) there was a very full list of options of things to do in the daily program. Things that ranged from talks about insects, movies, bingo, casino activities, sports, and right through to meetings of “Friend of Bill” (alcoholics anonymous) and “friends of Dorothy” (Gay). But mostly we strolled about, lay about, ate and read.


Today we had to go and do our UK immigration. This is a great idea as it means that everyone has passed through Immigration before getting to the UK. It was pretty efficient. They had a desk in the Britannia Dining Room.


The ship also launched their 2009 Transatlantic Clothing/ merchandise today. This being the 2nd Transatlantic Crossing of the season, Our waiter (Raj) told us that the Crossing form the UK was rough seas and so that is even better that we are having pretty calm seas. They are ok, but I am not sure that I would wear them out and about. They are also selling off the 2009 World Cruise merchandise at half price. I probably should have bought some. If it is still on sale I may do. The 2009 World Cruise ended before the Transatlantic crossing that brought the ship to New York for us to join.


Yesterday I did really well at the casino, winning over $100 at lunchtime and another $100 in the evening on the machines. This makes me about $60 up overall on the trip.


We went to see the show in the massive and very comfortable Royal Court Theatre last night. It was a dance show called “Passionata”. It was very good indeed.


On the ship the crew has evolved from being very UK and Philippines into a very large Eastern European and still Philippines mix it seems. The crew are so helpful and hard working. WE caught up yesterday with Maureen, who was one of our Butlers when we were on the 2004 Crossing. She moved to the QM2 after the QE2 was handed over in Dubai. She has been with Cunard for about 21 years now, 20 on the QE2. I think it is a bit of a shock being on the QM2 after so long on the QE2. It is a very different ship and very different approach.

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