April 16, 2009






Soon after setting off from Brooklyn yesterday evening and before we passed under the Verrazano Bridge, the Captain advised that due to a medical issue we would need to let a passenger off. This seemed a bit strange as we had only just set off, but we slowed right down and the passenger was taken off the ship.


We headed off to dinner. This evening was “smart casual” and this means a jacket but no tie. There were quite a lot of people strolling about dressed very casual, and I know that Cunard are very strict about dress code unlike some of the US based ships and so will be interesting to see how things process as most nights are “formal” (dress suits and bowties). Dinner was (of course) great. We met Raj who will be our main waiter for the trip.


I had caviar from the a la carte menu (I adore caviar and the only time I have it is when on Cunard). It is on the a la carte menu in Queens Grill so can have it every night if I want. In QG you have the evening menu and then there is also an a la carte menu if nothing on the main menu takes your fancy. I had delicious cod with bok chow and a  very scrummy crème Brule. We had a very nice Rose wine. I liked the wine chap as unlike on most ships he was not at all pushy and we felt comfortable just having one glass and not feeling we had to keep on slugging down wine.


We did a bit f very unsuccessful gambling, on the fruit machines. The one downside of the casino is that they allow smoking. There is one night it will be smoke free.


We then went to be at 10.30pm and wok up 11 hours later! The movement of the ship and the very comfortable beds helped.


The very bad movement has not, thankfully, appeared. Though it is very, very windy outside and it is wet. So there is movement but not too bad. But I guess nothing can be as bad as we had on the QE2. Hopefully it stays like this as although movement it is more rocking and easier to get used to.  The Captain has just done his noon update as I am writing this, and he says that the swell is not as bad as forecast but the winds are very strong and the equivalent of  70 mile an hour on deck! It is 9 degrees centigrade outside and the wind is likely to stay like this for the next day.


I signed up to get the full print out of “The Times” everyday ($3.95/ day) and so after breakfast e been chilling in our lovely suite reading the paper, watching movies (they show loads on the internal TV) and generally being lazy.


We chatted to Andres (the butler) for a while. He is really nice, and been with Cunard for years. We spoke about the Rosenburgs who for 15 years books both of the 2 big suites on the QE2 workd cruise, and then would also often book up to 4 more suites for luggage and friends to join. They do not want to come on the QM2 it seems.




This may end up being a quite repetitive posting, as the thing with doing a crossing is that you basically eat, eat, eat and then sleep!


On Wednesday afternoon, after lunch of course which for me was soup, Greek salad and cold meat, we relaxed in our super suite and then went to the gym. This meant we did not feel guilty about having the famous Cunard Afternoon Tea. The main place for the afternoon tea is the Queen Lounge, which on Cunard ships is the ballroom where they have dancing at night. We had ours in the Queen grill Lounge which is for people travelling in Princess and Queens Grill. It is faster and more efficient there! Scrummy sandwiches, cakes and hot scones with jam and cream. Plus a choice from many herbal and normal teas.


Tonight wad formal night and so bow ties and tuxedos. The dinner was a bit slow and service was not that great. We had ordered from the a la carte menu, and seems many others had, and that may have been the cause.  It is unusual for service to be not tip top.


As dinner had taken so long we had not got to the start of the show tonight. We did swing by and saw the end. Was not very good, some woman who once was in a  Broadway show.


It is very windy and the sea got a bit choppier but overall pretty smooth sailing


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GreyBeard said...

I have been told that the Rosenburgs liked the QE2 because he could smoke pretty much wherever he wanted. And they are avoiding the QM2 because of the smoking restrictions


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